Winterveld Enterprise Hub: Automotive is the first of six Automotive Enterprise Hubs to be established by the AIDC and Gauteng Provincial Government.

It was officially opened in February 2014 by the Gauteng’s former Premier Nomvula Mokoyane, and it is one of the organisation’s flagship projects that addresses skills shortages and socio-economic challenges in the Province.

Winterveld has a rich history as a community where political activists would seek refuge. Its history dates back to 1986 when police opened fire on a crowd of more than 5000 people at a Winterveld sports field. Today, Winterveld residents still mourn the deaths of these activists killed by police during this massacre.

Historically, Winterveld has always had a strong, albeit informal, automotive presence and is largely a previously disadvantaged community with informal automotive artisans who have received little or no skill development and training.

The AIDC decided to focus on Winterveld by developing an Automotive Enterprise Hub as it would play a pivotal role in upskilling these artisans, and supporting the growth of automotive SMMEs in the Winterveld region. During the initial phase, the Enterprise Hub operates as a state-of-the-art auto body training facility and workshop; equipped with a spray booth, paint mixing room, chassis straightening equipment, panel beating bays, preparation bays, polishing area and a final inspection area.

The AIDC has employed qualified Master Artisans who provide mentoring and training to trainee artisans, as well as an auto body repair SMMEs within the Winterveld community. The AIDC has also leveraged off the paint supplier, to create an SMME, who currently supply paints and consumables to panel beaters in the area.

Long-term plans for the department include growing the Enterprise Hub into a facility which specialises in mechanical repairs, wheel alignment and tyre fitment, and a spares outlet, among others.

The AIDC is the custodian of the Enterprise Hub and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the facility. How does the Hub work? The Winterveld Enterprise Hub consists of a state-of-the-art auto body repair workshop, with qualified AIDC mentors.

These mentors have achieved the highest recognition in their trades and are renowned individuals who produce the highest quality of auto body repair work in this sector. The Hub offers the following training programmes to the community:

• Spray Painting techniques,

• Metal Prep techniques,

• Polishing and Paint finishing techniques,

• Paint-mixing and colour-matching,

• Business acumen with quotation accuracy, and a

• Community Centre with Adult Basic Education Training (ABET).


The community can access the benefits of the Enterprise Hub by:

1. Completing an application form and returning it to the Hub.

2. The details of the individual requesting support from the Hub would then be captured and a detailed analysis of their services would be conducted.

3. The required training would then be scheduled and implemented.

Township Enterprise Hubs form an integral part of the AIDC and Gauteng Provincial Government’s strategy to revitalise township economies, increase the skills profile for young people and forge sustainable partnerships for employment creation.

Contact Details:

Name: Masego Mayevu

Position: Department Manager: Incubation Programmes

Tel: (+27) 12 546 5000