The Automotive Supplier Park (ASP) is managed by the Facilities Department at the AIDC. The ASP is based in Rosslyn and spans an area of 130 hectares, with a tenant pool comprising mainly of component manufacturers and suppliers to OEMs, who require a continuous supply of components to assembly plants.

Due to its locality, automotive component manufacturers, suppliers and service providers benefit from synergies and cost saving opportunities. The AIDC develops factories to tenant requirements on a long-term lease basis. The ASP also offers shared mini-factories for smaller operations and offices for automotive service providers.

Some of the benefits of the ASP include:

Strategic location – The ASP is in close proximity to major OEM plants including BMW (3.3km), Nissan/Renault (1.3km), TATA (0.5km) and Ford/Mazda (35km).

Shared infrastructure, services and facilities – ASP tenants enjoy the benefit of shared infrastructure and value-added services including facilities management, ICT services, centralised security, logistic services, Conference facilities, canteen and healthcare facilities.

State-of-the-art ICT infrastructure – ASP provides advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and services. Tenants are offered a wide range of services including affordable routing IP telephony service, broadband internet and email, server access, back-up and data recovery services, ICT support, access control and CCTV monitoring.

World-class production environment: The design of the ASP is modern with aesthetically-appealing gardens and common areas.

Turnkey buildings developed to tenant requirements – Factories are developed to tenant requirements and legislative approvals. The design and finishes of the buildings are governed by the ASP’s architectural guidelines and meet international automotive standards.

Logistics networks – ASP tenants benefit from warehousing and distribution services that are rendered by independent service providers. A significant benefit to ASP tenants is a centrally-located container depot, which is able to handle all inbound and outbound container traffic.

ASP is a benchmark project for South Africa which has contributed significantly to the global competitiveness of the South African automotive industry. It receives support from Government at local, provincial and national level, as well as the automotive industry and service providers.

Contact Details:

Name: Japtha Mashaba

Position: Department Manager: Facilities Planning

Tel: (+27) 12 564 5164