Following the success of the AIDC’s Automotive Incubation Centre at Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa’s (FMCSA) manufacturing plant in Silverton, Nissan expressed interest in establishing a similar facility at their plant in Rosslyn.

The BEE entrepreneurs are earmarked to supply components directly to the production line for the next generation 1-ton pick-up which will start production in early 2017. While the facility at Nissan is intended to replicate the AIDC’s Automotive Incubation Centre at FMCSA, it will include the lessons learnt from implementation of the first incubation project at Ford.

One of the major learnings was that interviews and assessments do not constitute a fail-safe way of identifying potential entrepreneurs and to mitigate against this, a pre-incubation process, will be planned for at Nissan. This would involve the identification of 20 potential BEE entrepreneurs that will be pre-incubated for a 12 month period after which a final choice and appointment would be made.

The Automotive Incubation Centre at Nissan will also operate as a multi-incubation model incubator, i.e. a mix of:

• Tier 1 component suppliers linked to the incubatees,

• Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) linked to the incubatees.

Nissan’s engineers will support the incubation process by providing their technical expertise to the incubatees during the incubation process. Construction of the AIDC’s 10 000m² Automotive Incubation Centre (Nissan) is under way and scheduled for completion in June 2015. It will be operational thereafter.

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Neeraj-KesseryName: Neeraj Kessery

Position: Department Manager: Incubation Programmes

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