The AIDC’s marketing department is responsible for improving the image of the brand, promoting the organisation’s services, and constantly ensuring that the organisation maintains its status as a leading implementation agency to the media, its stakeholders, and Government.

The department’s core activities and responsibilities include:

Brand management – the department creates public awareness about the AIDC’s service offerings. This is done using advertising, and external signage at all the organisation’s external facilities as well as events.

Publications – the department is responsible for the management of publishing services i.e. editorial preparation and printing of various internal publications, company brochures and documents, amongst others.

Communications – strategic management of each department’s communication activities both internally and externally.

Events management – the department manages all internal and external events related to the company. Targeted events such as the Johannesburg International Motorshow (JIMS), South African Automotive Week (SAAW), and Automechanika (Johannesburg), are key to the industry that the organisation serves.

Media relations and publicity – the department establishes and maintains good relations between the AIDC and the media, by upholding a positive image of the organisation in the public arena and influencing perceptions about its products and services in a constructive manner.


Contact Details:

Evelyn-ModiseName: Evelyn Modise

Position: Department Manager: Marketing & Events

Tel: (+27) 12 564 5143


The Human Resources (HR) department is responsible for managing around 180 staff members currently employed at the AIDC. It plays an important role in the success of the organisation by recruiting, developing and managing the welfare of employees at the AIDC.

Notably, the department ensures employee wellness, training and development, and career path planning. It prides itself by contributing towards the reduction of cost of doing business, as well as optimisation of productivity and efficiency which forms the vital pillars of HR Performance Management practice. The HR department is divided into three categories, namely:

• HR development, training and performance management,

• HR employee relations and employee wellness, and

• HR administration and resourcing.

The department also serves the organisation by offering its services to the Automotive Supplier Park (ASP) tenants on wellness issues, Winterveld Enterprise Hub: Automotive and the AIDC’s Automotive Incubation Centre. It will extend its shared services offering to other AIDC facilities as and when they become operational. On numerous occasions, the AIDC won the Deloitte’s “best company to work for” Award, in the automotive category. This is testament to the department’s ongoing support and mentoring of employees to ensure that they are stimulated and well-managed in their work environment.


Contact Details:

Name: Lorraine Hlapolosa

Position: Senior Manager Human Resources

Tel: (+27) 12 564 5000


Monitoring and evaluation helps to improve performance and achieve results within any organisation. More precisely, the overall purpose of monitoring and evaluation is the measurement and assessment of performance in order to more effectively manage the outcomes and outputs of the organisation.

The AIDC’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) department is key to the success of the organisation’s current projects. It is responsible for coordinating the business strategy and planning processes, as well as drafting the annual performance and strategic business plans of the AIDC.

The department continually monitors and evaluates the performance of all departments and their projects to ensure that that the organisation meets its key performance targets.

This Department is also responsible for enterprise risk management across all AIDC operational sites. This Department is otherwise the repository of data from where a wide range of reports are regularly generated for the Shareholder and other relevant stakeholders.


Contact Details:

Tel: (+27) 12 564 5000



The AIDC’s Finance department is responsible for all financial, procurement, budgeting, payroll, enterprise resource systems and business intelligence systems and reporting, to ensure best financial practices across the entire organisations.

The Finance department monitors and reports on the financial position of the AIDC and regularly reports on corporate governance issues related to its financial management. Reports are tabled every quarter to the AIDC’s Audit and Risk Committee (ARC), the Board of Directors and the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA).

This department is managed by a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who oversees the AIDC’s Business Management Systems and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The CFO ensures that SCM complies with the National Treasury’s tendering and procurement rules and regulations.

A tender committee oversees all the assessments, recommendations and approvals of higher value quotations and tenders. Vendor application forms can be obtained from the procurement (SCM) department, and is also available on the website. It can be completed and returned with all the required documents to this department.

Tender results are published on the website, as well as tender documents that require completion by possible bidders. The finance department also renders shared services to the six incubatees based at the AIDC’s Automotive Incubation Centre at Ford in Silverton. The Finance Department has been instrumental to the success of the organisation, and has successfully obtained Clean Audits in 2012 and 2014, with Unqualified Audits being the norm.


Contact Details:

Name: Nerulal Ramdharie

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Tel: (+27) 12 564 5000