Overview of the Qualification

This qualification is aimed at individuals who have a passion for the automotive industry and want to work effectively in various sub-sectors of the industry as automotive sales persons. The primary skill that is recognized in this qualification is the ability to apply the fundamental competencies of automotive sales with reference to recognizing and responding to prospective clients of the organisation within identified functional areas of sales.
This qualification focuses on developing the skills and knowledge necessary to perform as a competent person in the automotive sales industry. It also provides learners who have gained relevant experience in the workplace with an opportunity to obtain credits through an RPL process.
This qualification substantiates the natural progression of an individual into the sales industry, however, it makes provision for training on skills programmes for the following sales and servicing vocations:

  • Passenger vehicle sales
  • Tyre Sales
  • Commercial vehicle sales
  • Parts Sales
  • Motor Cycle Sales
  • Vehicle Servicing

Qualification Outcomes & Certification

A person acquiring this qualification will have the skills, knowledge and experience to:

  • Plan quarterly sales
  • Perform vehicle sales
  • Apply client service standards for client satisfaction
  • Addressing the needs and concerns of clients and advising them on various options
  • Analysing and auditing own sales performance
  • Evaluating current sales information and performance to make a sales forecast
  • Assisting the client to make an informed decision
  • Explaining product features, advantages and benefits (FAB)
  • Analysing client information and suggesting innovative solutions to clients.

Post assessment of competence, the learner will receive a certificate of competence issued by merSETA and the Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre.

Entrance Requirements

  • Communication at NQF Level 3.
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3
  • RPL for Communication and Mathematical Literacy

 Duration of the Programme

The total duration of the programme is 12 months with following ratio attributed to theoretical learning implementation and practical training:

  • Classroom (Theoretical training) – 30% and/or 4 months
  • Practical (workplace) – 70% and/or 8 months

Career Paths

  • Sales Advisor/Executive
  • Service Advisor
  • Parts Advisor/Salesman
  • Motor Cycle Salesman


The Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre is situated in the heart of Rosslyn, within the largest automotive hub within South Africa.

Physical Address:
99 Hendrick Van Eck Street


GPS Coordinates: -22°07’07.150”S, 33°07’07.150”E

Tel:  +2712 564 – 5000

For further information regarding this programme, E-mail: admissions@aidc.co.za