The AIDC’s Business Development Department (BDD) provides strategic input and support to all Key Focus Departments and Infrastructure Programmes of the organisation, with the aim to enhance, expand, increase and deepen its services offerings to both Government and automotive industry clients. The BDD supports the AIDC with project acquisition and assists each department to source funding for future projects.

The BDD focuses on nurturing current relationships, acquiring new business projects and then maintaining these relationships. In doing so, it aims to increase the AIDC’s independency ratio and drive the organisation to become self-sustainable. The BDD currently links projects to the AIDC that broaden the socio-economic impact within the automotive industry. The department also drive business intelligence through market research. In this way, it ensures that the AIDC is in line with industry standards and abreast of industry trends.

The AIDC’s Marketing department also falls under the umbrella of the Business Development Department.


The BDD is broken down into two categories:

Programmes – The BDD acts a key account manager for the organisation. It is responsible for creating new relationships, developing strategic partnerships and then nurturing these relationships. The department identifies the needs of key stakeholders and then offers uniquely formulated services on behalf of the AIDC to these stakeholders. The BDD sources funding from government agencies or industry partners or creates a collaborative model with these companies. The department then transfers the project to the relevant department within the AIDC for implementation.

Infrastructure – The BDD is responsible for interacting with all tenants at the Automotive Supplier Park (ASP). The department regularly meets with all tenants at the ASP to enhance business relationships, to determine their needs and ensure that these are satisfied with the services offered by the AIDC. The BDD aims to maintain the tenant occupancy within the ASP, but also focus on attracting new investments to further grow and expand the ASP.

If you are interested in becoming a tenant at the ASP, you can contact Mr Japhta Mashaba on 012 564 5000.

Contact Details:

Name: Henk Snyman

Position: Senior Manager Business Development

Tel: (+27) 12 564 5000