The AIDC and its staff adhere to the following values:

Respect for Others

  • Seek first to understand and then to be understood (this includes workload, space, time, circumstances, etc.),
  • Respect personal and common space – show pride,
  • Respect confidentiality, and
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.



  • Mind-set of the organisation – for the organisation,
  • Fairness for all – one set of rules, and
  • Take accountability for your actions.


Open and honest two-way Communication

  • Constructive conversations at all times,
  • Have regular quality meetings, and
  • Communication ethos – first verbal, follow up in email; use cc sparingly.


Encouraging a Learning Culture

  • Catch people doing things right,
  • Mentoring / coaching ethos: be willing to educate and be educated, and
  • Willingness to participate in activities for the greater good of the team.


On-time, On-brief, On-budget

  • Respect commitments you make,
  • Be clear regarding the purpose,
  • Be consultative regarding budget, involve others, and
  • Alleviate risk at all times.



  • Positive, friendly attitude,
  • Professional, corporate presentation,
  • Time management, and
  • Budget to show clients we care.


Integrity and Ethics above all

  • Simply – LIVE THE VALUES… this then falls into place.