The AIDC’s partnerships with automotive component manufacturers truly are going from strength to strength. We are proud to congratulate Autoliv South Africa on being the recipient of the coveted 2017 JIPM TPM Excellence Award.

Since 1964, the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance seeking to recognise true excellence at all levels in manufacturing businesses. The award focuses on implementing methodologies throughout the entire company, from lowest-level worker up to top executives – of which everyone must be actively involved in the TPM activities. In addition to that, though, the implementation must also reflect concrete, measurable results. Thus, being the recipient of the TPM Excellence Award demonstrates 100% commitment to efficiency and teamwork from all persons within the company, along with the bottom-line results to show for it.

As of today, Autoliv SA is only the second local company in history to receive the award, and the first in the automotive sector in South Africa. The AIDC partnered with Autoliv SA in 2013 to form one of the first parts of the AIDC TPM cluster. They received Facilitators Training in October 2013, and through application of TPM methodologies, had their company-wide TPM kick-off in December 2014. They applied to be considered for the JIPM TPM Excellence Award in January 2016 and passed the first stage assessments in July. The final assessment was done in January 2017, which they passed with flying colours. Throughout this process, the AIDC played a prominent role in the training, education and implementation of TPM in their plant.

Because of the extremely stringent requirements of the TPM Excellence Award, it is one of the most globally coveted and recognised awards in manufacturing. The JIPM’s own observations have been that implementation of the strategies that lead to meeting the award’s standards in just three years. Thus, it is an extraordinarily tough award to earn, but one that leads to very visible results.

Although many South African companies have implemented TPM over the years, none have been able to achieve the success and results that the AIDC and Autoliv’s SA partnership have. The AIDC has been key and pivotal in the Autoliv’s SA success story, which makes the AIDC the first company to now have the “know-how” for support, training and implementation of TPM in companies to take them up to Excellence Award level.

Autoliv SA representatives will travel to Kyoto, Japan, to attend the JIPM awards ceremony on the 23rd of March 2017. The ceremony is an opportunity to demonstrate to international industries that South Africa is not merely a ‘low-cost’ manufacturing environment, but rather one that is on par with global best practices and offers incomparable value to OEMs. As the AIDC, we can only hope to provide further assistance to more companies seeking to implement global best practices in manufacturing to get them to world-class levels of efficiency and competitiveness.

“The AIDC values the commitment shown by the Autoliv SA MD Mr. David Kretschmer and his team to ensure successful implementation and completion of this programme. Without his leadership it was not going to be possible to achieve this prestigious award” says Nkumbuzi Ben-Mazwi from AIDC.


Front Row (FLTR): Mr Stefan Koekemoer (Autoliv SA TPM Coordinator), Mr Mark Heering (Autoliv SA AM Pillar Leader), Dr UK Chatterjee (TPM Consulting Company-India), Prof Yoshiro Fukuda (JIPM Lead Assessor), Mr David Kretschmer (Autoliv SA MD), Prof Hisayoshi Matsuyama (JIPM Assessor), Mr Rickus Lubbe (AIDC TPM Project Manager)